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Conditions of Participation

Event Organizer

The organizer of the eXperts competition is Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Linnicher Straße 48, 50933 Cologne (“Lufthansa”).

Participation in the “Escape Room Game” event and the associated competition is free of charge and voluntary, and is governed exclusively by these Conditions of Participation.


All eXperts participants who have registered for the eXperts program according to the current Conditions of Participation at lufthansaexperts.com, and whose participation has been confirmed by Lufthansa Group, are entitled to participate.

Employees of the Lufthansa Group, affiliated partner companies, sponsors, and all personnel involved in designing and implementing the competition and their family members are not entitled to participate.

The event and associated competition are intended exclusively for participants who work at a travel agency in Belgium.


With their confirmation of participation, the participant declares that they will comply with any requirements under employment law or service regulations, and in particular that they have the approval of their supervisor/employer to accept any prizes they may receive.

In addition, the participant declares that they are not a public official and that they are not currently involved in any contractual negotiations, joint projects and/or any kind of award and/or purchasing processes with the Lufthansa Group on behalf of their employer or any third party.

Registration for and participation in the event

Each participant must personally book their desired time slot on their desired date. The number of slots that are still available is indicated on the booking page. Group bookings are not allowed. Bringing accompanying companions is not allowed.

Lufthansa Group shall accept no liability for technical faults during registration.
If the Escape Room Game cannot be offered during the booked time slot due to technical and/or logistical reasons, or because there are too few participants, the participant shall have no right to receive another time slot. However, participants whose time slots are canceled can book another date and/or another time slot on the same day if these are still available.

After successfully registering, a confirmation notice will be sent to the e-mail provided in the booking, containing a personal registration number. The participant is responsible for correctly entering their e-mail address. With your registration, you agree that Lufthansa Group may send you this confirmation e-mail and possibly other personalized e-mails in association with the event.

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the booked time slot.

To participate in the Escape Room Game and the competition ratings, each participant must arrive promptly (15 minutes before their booked time) on the date of the event at the Escape Room Truck. If the participant arrives to the event location late, the organizer reserves the right to deny their participation.

The event organizer is entitled to make audio and film recordings or take pictures of the customer and their fellow players during the game as necessary to carry out the game. These recordings and pictures will not be saved, but will be deleted directly after the end of the game.

Bringing personal food and drinks into the room is not allowed. In addition, participants are not allowed to take heavy/bulky objects or weapons into the room. Access to the event and participation in the competition will be denied if the participant comes to the event severely intoxicated. Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire event area.

Game process and awarding prizes

Up to ten players can play per time slot.

Each group has 40 minutes to successfully play the Escape Room Game. All teams that successfully solve the Escape Room will be included in the top rankings list on the event microsite. The game leader will give the team tips during the game if they are unable to continue. Each tip will add 2 minutes to the team's time. The total time is used to determine the winner, e.g. the team's actual playing time plus the total of additional minutes added for tips. This may result in a total playing time of more than 40 minutes.

Each team will receive a team name. The name will be listed along with their total playing time, city and region on the microsite (listings will always be added at the start of the following week). Employees from different travel offices within Belgium may work together in one group. The team with the shortest playing time in their region, or the team with the shortest playing time of all regions and countries, will be the winning team who will receive a prize.

Players will learn their time directly from the game leader after the game, and can track their time live during the game on a monitor.

No auxiliary materials or mobile devices may be taken into the room. Making audio or video recordings, or taking photographs in the room (for instance of solutions) is not permitted. Any type of fraud during the game will be punished by disqualification of the entire group. Each person may only take part in the game once.

Prizes and receiving winnings

Prize will be awarded for the teams with the best total playing time.

The winners will be determined based on shortest overall playing time. Winners will have no claim to a cash payment or to modify or exchange their prizes. Prize claims are non-transferable. 

Lufthansa Group shall be freed from all obligations when prizes are delivered to the winners. Lufthansa shall not be liable for any defects in the prizes. Lufthansa, Paperdice Solutions GmbH (Chausseestraße 52, 10115 Berlin) and mm Group Sales & Marketing GmbH (Auf dem Brümmer 6a, 44149 Dortmund) shall likewise not be liable for damages resulting from participation in the event and in the competition, unless such damages were caused intentionally or through gross negligence on the part of Lufthansa, Paperdice Solutions GmbH or mm Group Sales & Marketing GmbH. Damages due to injuries to life, body and health shall remain unaffected.

These Conditions of Participation can be amended by Lufthansa Group at any time, without providing grounds and without prior notification.

The winners (name, travel agency, location) are planned for publication on lufthansaexperts.com in September 2019. Prizes will be delivered by KAMs or post. If a prize cannot be delivered, for instance because Lufthansa Group does not have current contact information and the winner is no longer an eXperts participant, the winner will lose all rights to the prize after a 3-month waiting period.

Data privacy

Personal data must be saved for a participant to take part in the competition. Data will be collected, saved and used by eXperts for the purpose of carrying out the competition.

The participant can revoke their granted consent at any time. Upon revocation, he or she will waive participation in the competition. After consent is revoked, the participant's collected and saved personal data will be deleted immediately.

End of the competition

The event organizer expressly reserves the right to end the competition without prior notification and without providing grounds. This applies in particular to all grounds that would disrupt or prevent the planned process for the competition.

Applicable Law

The operator's competition is subject exclusively to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.

Severability Clause

If a provision of these Conditions of Participation is or becomes invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the Conditions of Participation. In place of the invalid provision, a legally permissible regulation shall apply coming as close in economic terms to the meaning and purpose of the invalid provision. The same applies if there are any gaps in the regulations of these Conditions of Participation.

Frankfurt, March 2019 (Deutsche Lufthansa AG, FRA HX/DC-M)